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Community Council for the Arts

Promoting the Arts:  Stars Dance for the Arts

February 9, 2019
Doors open 6:30 p.m.

THANK YOU to all our dancers for participating in our 7th Annual Stars Dance For The Arts  (SDFA)! It is a
star-studded, action-packed event hosted by Vickie Robinson and Wells Gulledge. SDFA 2019 will feature superstar couples dancing to generously raise funds for Kinston’s Community Council for the Arts. Each couple will perform an exciting and expertly choreographed dance. We appreciate the participation of these dancers and for their support!

MEET -- Kristin Hughes & Johnathan Hughes -- Dancing the Charleston to A Little Party Never Killed Nobody  by Fergie, featuring Q-Tip, GoonRock 

                                                         Kristin Hughes

                                                         Dance Training:  "Tap, jazz, ballet when I was five-six-years-old. Does that count?                                                              Also danced on the praise team with my church for a year or so. Learned to shag                     and                                    and cha-cha in the kitchen helping my mom cook."

                                                         Education and Work Experience:  Kristin graduated from East Carolina University                                                          with a BS in Family and Community Service, concentration and minor in Child Development and Psychology. She worked with individuals with special needs until 2011.  Kristin is Vice President of East Coast Restruction, Inc., as "design specialist and calming partner to the owner and president, my husband, Johnathan."

Background & Interests:  Kristin was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina before making Kinston her home.  Her favorite travel destination is "the beach! NO place better!" She is a member of New Life World Outreach Center in Snow Hill -- "I love my pastors." Kristin enjoys napping, fashion, boating, dancing, home decor and interior design.

Greatest Accomplishment To Date:  "My kids. Although they are a work in progress, they are most definitely the best thing I have ever invested my time in."

What does Kristin like about Lenoir County?  "The growth and restoration. I have seen firsthand how homes, buildings, restaurants and shops have been restored and revitalized. The community strives hard to better the neighborhoods and businesses. I've seen so much growth and change in the four years I've been here. The citizens are really motivated to make Kinston a great place to visit and live."

What is Kristin looking forward to by participating in this event?  "I got asked to do it and though, 'I love to dance, so why not?!'"

                                                        Johnathan Hughes 

                                                          Dance Training:  Performing Arts involvement in high school and college.

                                                          Education and Work Experience:  Johnathan attended Greene Central High                                                                         School, Lenoir Community College, Wayne Community College, and East Carolina                                                             University. He is President of East Coast Restruction, Inc. 

                                                          Background & Interests: His favorite travel destination is the beach and he enjoys historic restoration, reconstruction, business, off-shore fishing, football, traveling, and hanging out with his family.

Greatest Accomplishment To Date:  "Not sure to date, but my greatest is yet to come."

What does Johnathan like about Lenoir County?  "The willingness of those who strive to make the community as a whole a better place to live and visit."

What is Johnathan looking forward to by participating in this event?  "My wife..."
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