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Community Council for the Arts

Promoting the Arts:  Stars Dance for the Arts

February 9, 2019
Doors open 6:30 p.m.

THANK YOU to all those who helped make our 7th Annual Stars Dance For The Arts  (SDFA)  such a success! SDFA 2018 featured superstar couples dancing to generously raise funds for Kinston’s Community Council for the Arts. Each couple performed an exciting and expertly choreographed dance. Congratulations to  our dancers and special thanks to our volunteers and Sponsors  who made this event possible!

Event Chair: Vickie Robinson

Event Co-Chair: Martha Bishop

Production: Vicki Barker & Erin Barker Whaley

Backstage Production: Heather Mintz

Judges: Vicki Barker

Choreography Assistance: Jan McKendrick, Kinston Dance Academy & Paige Wetherington, Studio 86 School of Dance

Dancer Amenities: Optavia & Community Council for the Arts

Technical/ Sound, Lighting & Videography: Clark Tutt — Tutt Media Group

Food & Beverage: Rose Clark, Ginger Dixon, Jimmette Graham, Minges Bottling Group, Inc., Mother Earth Brewing, Ellen Shefka,   Social House Vodka

Marketing: Martha Bishop & Margaret Heifferon

Print Advertising & Program: Evie Blakenburg & Margaret Heifferon

Print News Press: The Free Press

Website: Margaret Heifferon

TV/Digital Commercial: Martha Bishop & Clark Tutt

Sponsorships: Steering Committee

General Information & In-House Ticket Sales: Pat Carroll, Liz Chantry, Ginger Dixon, Jenny Lind Edmondson, Linda Hodges, Debra Jones,  Anneliese Hunneke, Betty Murphrey, Kathy Tucker

Host & Hostess: Wells Gulledge & Vickie Robinson

Judges: Jennifer Bland, Lindsay King & Lloyd Moody


Dancers’ Liaison: Teenell White

Event Photographer: Ricky Honeycutt

Reception Entertainment: Adam Ormond

Decorations: Vickie Barker, Tammy Kelly & Sandy Landis

Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Box, stylists: Larisa Elkasevic, Tanya Rouse, Tracy Underwood & Paige Wetherington

Event Welcome, Tickets & Seating: Martha Bishop, Jo Anna Dail & Cindy Reise

Accounting: Carrie Dale Purnell & Cindy Reise

Event Voting Sales: Jennifer Bland, Jeff Howard & Dusk Stroud

Logistics & Special Effects: Charles Anderson, Canteen, Susan Colomiao, Charlie Harris, Reed Lovick, George Manning, Tutt Media Group, JR Whitfield

Bartenders: Amanda Conner, Tatiana Height, Seraphim Smith & Zachary Wills

Thank you to our Sponsors!
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